Innovating Health Awareness with Augmented Reality: The C/Edge Approach

/ The Challenge

Introducing a groundbreaking

Dengue vaccine by Takeda, targeting a wider audience with the unique proposition of being suitable for patients without prior exposure to the virus.

Navigating Brazil's

Pharmaceutical marketing regulations byfocusing on disease awareness and associating Takeda's brand with technologicalinnovation and information about prevention.

Disease awareness for Dengue

Historically linked with educational measures and prevention as it isan environmental disease. We must leverage that but bring something new to thetable to capture the user's attention.

/ Our strategy:

Augmented Reality: A KeyActivation in a Multifaceted Approach

#1 Implementing AR as a crucial part of a larger strategy to engage and educate the public about Dengue prevention.

#2 AR serves as an innovative tool toenhance engagement, offering an immersive experience in understanding diseaseprevention and allowing bigger impact on the users*

#3 Aspart of a bigger campaign, the activation must follow closely the brand and thecampaign's visual identity but bring a novelty factor to a theme that isalready part of the public knowledge.

/Our solutions

Leverage Affective Memories + Tech edge for better retention

AR + Real World Activation to raise interest

/ Immersion, in and out of the screen

3D Assets Interact with real world cenography and overlaid information aboutdisease prevention.

QRCode triggers the AR experience to avoid tech/light constraints of theenvironment

ScenarioFollowing the Key Visual used in multiple touchpoints for the campaing

/ Affective memory with a tech touch

/ Recap and Conclusion

Our initiative showcases how strategic planning and innovativetechnology can come together to create meaningful engagement.

The AR experience, while just one part of a broader strategy, exemplifies how accessible tech can significantly enhance public healthcampaigns.

At C/Edge, we blend innovation with strategic insight to deliver impactful projects that resonate with audiences and exceed campaign goals.

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