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Omnichannel Healthcare Marketing Production and Orchestration

/ The Challenge

Digital communication

Our client did not have a consolidated channel for digital communication.

Long-term solution

Need for a strategy that had an immediate solution and a long-term improvement plan.

Product launch

Temporary restrictions on the use of the top-of-mind tool in the segment for email communication (Veeva Approved Email) and their main communication channel(face-to-face visitation, due to COVID-19).

/ Our Proposal:

Assessment with a step-by-step improvement plan towards a consistent omnichannel strategy

Create a temporary communication system that could fill the gap of the Veeva Approved Emails with the main features of the tool.

#1 Data capture for generating learnings and monitoring results.

#2 Agile and effective content creation.

/ The Initial Solution

Development of our own email platform with legal requirements for accountability and permission management (based on open-source software - agility and customization).

Development of a content creation flow that allowed rapid iteration over the format of the materials (based on the availability of materials and audience response).

#1 Content creation and authoring process automation for Landing Pages

#2 Access to a fully customizable Analytics platform and custom dashboards

/ E-mail Platform

In a period of under 1 month, we were able to develop a MVP of an approved email sending, that not only was able to deliver messages to all the doctors during the start of the pandemic but also was fully compliant with the clients legal requirements and allowed for customization.

/ Evolution and Growth

Incorporation of new channels and new territories after 2 months of the project.

/ Addition of WhatsApp sending capability and new formats in LPs (video, PDF download).

/ Expansion of the initiative to other Latam countries.

After 6 months of the project, migration of all content to another infrastructure/platform.

/ With the availability of Veeva Approved Email, decommissioning of the customized email platform and migration to Veeva.

/ New hosting infrastructure for LPs allowing greater flexibility of formats and customization based on usage history.

/ We develop all touchpoints in a complete omnichannel platform.

Curation and development of content, with over 800 assets developed.




E-mails sent




Growth in share
among less visited


Growth in share
among visited

/ Recap and Conclusion

Omnichannel strategy has the capability to improve digital communication even under the heavier, challenging healthcare segment constraints.

Solution-focused approach with measurable results is a healthy and sustainable way to grow such a project,step by step.

It is really important to have flexibility and a diverse, capable technical team when implementing adigital communication strategy.

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