Artificial Intelligence

'Spontaneous" innovation and the case for ChatGPT Enterprise

Igor Alvarez - our Tech Lead

Just over a year after its launch, ChatGPT has certainly captured the corporate imagination:

According to OpenAI, the tool has an adoption rate of over 80% of Fortune 500 companies.

Teams are leveraging this AI tool for everything, from improving communication to speeding up coding. But here’s the catch—many of these adoptions are occurring “spontaneous”. While this trend signals a workforce eager for innovation, it also poses significant risks, particularly around data security and management.

According to Cyberhaven, at least 5% of employees using ChatGPT were inadvertently entering sensitive or confidential information into the platform.

And according to news sources even tech giants like Amazon and Samsung are not immune; both have reportedly established internal security rules after sensitive data was mistakenly used in the platform by their employees and, afterwards, incorporated into ChatGPT’s training database

OpenAI has recently launched an enterprise version of ChatGPT recently.

According to OpenAI this version offers enterprise-ready solutions to most of the problems that had emerged in the corporate setting, including data encryption, enhanced security, the possibility to refine the model capabilities.

The traditional hesitance some companies have shown toward new technologies (“let’s wait until it’s fully developed”) may no longer be viable, especially given the rapid advancements in AI. The question is no longer IF your company will adopt the “next big thing,” but HOW it will integrate technological innovation as an ongoing process.

At Competitive Edge we have seen a lot of new tech emerge through the years, and they all had one thing in common: Technology is just as useful and secure as the implementation plan and objectives behind it. The novelty factor may raise some eyebrows in the board room but the results will depend much more on the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ than the ‘what’ and ‘when’. Our core belief is to offer our clients and partners digital solutions that are efficient, affordable, and functional. It’s about using the right tech, the right way, at the right time. Count on us for that!