Revamping visual biopharmacy website.

/ The Challenge

Client focused

Research with a lean team for technology and creative aspects of the site.

Legal necessity

Rebrand visually while preserving the full history of information and content.

Product launch

Publicly traded company with a major product launch in 2023, requiring a transparent and user-friendly website for investors.​

Legacy technology

Maintaining the existing CMS platform (WordPress) for easy maintenance.

/ Our Proposal:

Development of an incremental improvement and delivery plan, involving the client in the redesign process for:

#1 A final result that aligns closely with client expectations.

#2 Improved understanding of information architecture for long-term site quality maintenance.

Adding visual and functional enhancements without compromising brand identity or existing content value.​

/ Process Overview

Step-by-Step Redesign


Assess and enhance site architecture.


Collaborate on user profiles for redesign decisions.


Tech teams collaborated to maintain site integrity and investor trust.


We used WordPress to meet client needs.


Regular client interactions ensured technical success and alignment.

/ Recap and Conclusion

Strategic and methodical approach in the website redesign process.​

Beyond visuals and programming: A structured UX approach is crucial for understanding and meeting user needs.​

A skilled team must be capable of handling projects that require not only technical excellence but also strong relationships with the client, and transparent processes.​

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