Artificial Intelligence

AI-Assisted diagnosis and the importance of early diagnosis/adoption in the industry.

Igor Alvarez - our Tech Lead

Researchers in Sweden recently made headlines with an AI system called Transpara that made a significant advancement in breast cancer diagnosis.

The study was substantial, involving 80,000 women divided into two groups. One group had their mammograms reviewed the traditional way by human radiologists, while the other group’s mammograms were pre-analyzed by Transpara AI system. These findings were then verified by human radiologists to confirm the findings.

The results were impressive: Radiologists assisted by Transpara not only matched the accuracy of their human counterparts but also reduced their workload by almost 45%.

That’s certainly a win/win outcome in a field where time is crucial and early diagnosis can literally save lives. These findings offer insights into the early adoption of technology across various sectors (including healthcare, marketing and business).

Responsible and ethical implementation of innovative solutions can provide a significant strategic advantage, while enhancing operational efficiency, service quality and benefiting professionals in day-to-day tasks.

However, early adoption comes with its own set of challenges, including the risk of potential system instabilities and/or misalignment with existing workflows. A phased approach and careful consideration of these factors are essential for mitigating risks. Much like healthcare’s ‘gold standard’
of randomized, controlled trials, businesses must apply a careful process to deal with the caveats of adopting new solutions. The key here is to have knowledgeable tech partners who can guide you through the maze of early adoption, ensuring you’re optimizing without jeopardizing.

This is our core belief at C/Edge: to offer our clients and partners innovative digital solutions that are still efficient, afford able and functional. It’s all about using the right tech, the right way, at the right time. Pair that with human expertise and you’ve got yourself a formula for success that’s hard to beat.